911 Avoided: A Taupo Times Newspaper Sales Manager averted her travel to the USA to avoid September 11th 2001 twin towers disaster. "In september there will be a major incident affecting air travel for some time."

A Doctor was reassured: A Medical GP was awarder of the hereditary trait s that caused his parents death. He was reassured in Dean's recorded session that his fate will not be the same as it was for his parents.

Uncovered Real Need in Just 5 weeks: A patient had been receiving mainstream counselling for 7 years. Dean's Colour Psychology (a natural counselling method) uncovered his real need in just 5 weeks. A deep- seated need was found so it could be treated and healed.

A driver's caution: A tailor with a brand new car scoffed at the 'brake warning' given to him for a specific time to take extra care. Later he was traveling with a trailer full of landscape rocks and applied his brakes earlier than normal. He avoided a horrible accident.

He would have saved thousands of dollars: In February a property buyer wanted to know the best time to buy his dream home spotted. The session indicated it would be best done in AUGUST.  He forced it to happen earlier in MAY.  The land on the property subsided in JUNE.  If he had heeded the insight given, and not prematurely forced the outcome, he would have his dream property for his family and at less the cost of the $70,000.00 repairs.  

A international speaker and network expert said, "Most clairvoyant numerologists give you the fingernail; Dean gives you the whole hand." 

House finally sells: An entrepreneur who wanted to fund a new business project asked. "When will my house sell?" I intuited, "It will only happen when you make a commitment to the right partner." Engaged at that time with no wedding date planned, the house deal fell through three times... then after a prolonged 18 months the house did sell... Why? Immediately within one week he had set a wedding date for his new and right partner the property deals went through smoothly.

Best time to leave her profession: An airline hostess had a burning desire to be a fashion designer. Indications were given for the best time to leave her profession with a forecast of her opportunities available to her. She was guided to became a designer of corporate uniforms for top line companies.

First million dollar client sought:  An Advertising agent was to pitch for his first million Dollar client.  His intuitive session consultation clearly indicated the steps needed to win the business, when the time was right and how to do it...and he did!

This is the breakthrough I need: A university student was given a message in a straight forward session to see what was coming up for him. "spinning water is better to study than using the electromagnetic apparatus."  While this message meant nothing to Dean, the student was asked after the session had concluded, what that was all about..  He exclaimed, This is the breakthrough I need to choose with my study of levitation machinery!"